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What is PayTo?

PayTo is set to modernise the way bank accounts are used for payments and will help businesses and consumers thrive in the digital economy.

PayTo aims to replace the legacy method of setting up direct debits. It's a payment method that brings enormous value to merchants, for instance, instant settlement.

Advantages of PayTo

1. Real time, reliable payments

PayTo helps remove the uncertainty of receiving payments from bank accounts with real-time account validation.

2. Notifications at various stages of a payment

Notifications when a PayTo agreement is paused, changed or cancelled will help you maintain customer relationships.

3. Easy reconciliation

PayTo agreements contain more information to support easy matching and reconciliation.

4. Reduce manual handling

Real-time account validation and funds availability check helps reduce errors and exception processing to ensure business can run taht little bit smoother.

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*Please click the link here to know more about the payment status of PayTo from our API