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What is Hello Clever?

A little bit about Hello Clever

Hello Clever is Australia's first company to utilise the new payment platform & introducing the next generation of rewards. The all new buy to earn payment.

Hello Clever generates a PayID and utilizes the use of PayTo, Credit/Debit Card and QR code at checkout page allowing merchants to receive payments instantly at a very low cost with no chargebacks, zero reconciliation and a safer way for your customers to pay whilst giving them an instant cashback which is the integral part to drive traffic to your stores.


Hello Clever transactions utilise unique PayIDs which are your business email address or phone number that connects to your business bank account. Hello Clever offers you real-time payment settlement, no chargebacks, highest fraud protection and straight-through reconciliation.


When customers pay with Hello Clever using Australian built PayID technology, they can rest assured that their transaction is secure from their bank & that they can validate the business they are paying before it’s sent.


Hello Clever transactions settle in real-time, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Hello Clever transactions do not require any reconciliation work as a PayID itself is unique to the transaction. Hello Clever transactions are monitored in real-time for fraud by the payer’s bank before the payment is sent to Hello Clever. With costs of living rising rapidly, it’s time to get Clever with your money. Hello Clever is a buy-to-earn ecosystem that is empowering young Aussies to manage their money Clever, shop Clever and pay Clever. Use the Hello Clever App to track your finances, earn cashback with the CleverShop, pay mates & more all in one place. Love shopping online? Checkout with the Hello Clever payment gateway & earn instant cashback with participating merchants.

Our Core Values:

🥑: Customer is Our Obsession
💡: We create Clever Ideas
🚀: We reinvent and we simplify
👬: A team that’s empowered
💜: Build with heart and balance

Contact: [email protected]