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Site Management

To view the list of sites, click on the Site Management menu item on the left side menu. You will see the list of sites that you have access to. You can edit or delete a site by click on the three dots on the top right corner of the site card.

Site management

In order create a new site, please go to the Create a API key page.

Site details

To view the details of a site, click on the site card. In this page, you can view the site overview, inclduing the chart of the total sales and average orders during the time period you selected.

Site detail

You can export the payment history of the site to your email by clicking on the Export CSV button.

To view the Payment history of the site, click on the Payments on the left sidebar. Payment sidebar

Payment history

Payment history

You can view the transaction detail by click on the Payment ID of the transaction. To view all transactions, click the "Rest all filters" button.

Payment detail

To initiate a refund, click on the Refund payment option. Fill in the amount and the reason for the refund, then click on the Refund button.

Refund popup