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Balance Overview

This view includes 3 sections:

Balance view

1. Balance Summary

Balance view 1

There are three types of funds:

  • Available: Funds available in your Hello Clever account.
  • Incoming: Incoming funds that will land into your Hello Clever account shortly.
  • Outgoing: Funds that will leave your Hello Clever account due to refunds, settlements, chargebacks, and payouts.

You can click on the View and top up button to view the balance history and top up your account.

2. Balance Toolbar

Balance view 2

The balance toolbar allows you to:

  • Export the balance history to your email, please note that the timezone for the exported CSV is AEST. Balance view 2 export
  • Refresh the balance history
  • Top up your account using the Top up PayID

3. Balance List

Balance view 3


The following are the payment types:

  • Settlement: Funds transferred to your bank account.
  • Payment: Funds received from customers.
  • Refund: Funds returned to customers.
  • Payout: Funds transferred to customers.

The balance list shows the balance history of your account. You can filter the list by:

  • Balance ID or reference number
  • Start date and end date
  • Request type (Money In, Money Out)
  • Payment method (PayID, PayTo, Credit Card, BSB Account)
  • Status (Waiting, Failed, Done)

Balance view 3 filter