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Manual Payouts

Our PayOut product allows your business to send payments using the New Payments Platform (NPP) via Hello Clever Merchant Dashboard. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to follow to make outbound real time payments via merchant dashboard.

Want to integrate PayOut via API instead? Click here

Who can I pay via PayOut?

You can make a payment to a PayID or to a BSB and Account Number. Please ensure the account is an Australian bank account.

What banks are supported?

We support payments to all BSB's (all Australian banks). However, to get instant payment, the BSB must be reachable via the New Payments Platform (NPP). More than 99% of Australian banks are connected to NPP. You can also check whether an institution is reachable by checking the New Payments Platform Association (NPPA) website.

  1. Log in to the Hello Clever dashboard at

  2. Go to the Site Management > Your Site > Payouts > Click on the 'Initiate Payout' button


  3. Fill in the required information of the payee


  4. Verify the details of the payee and click 'Confirm'


  5. The payout request is being processed.