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PayID Payment Simulation

How to use Hello Clever's payment simulation on sandbox environment

Using Hello Clever's test bank for PayID payments

  1. When you are using our sandbox playground such as when testing a PayID payment method, you may have encountered a screen below which asked you to complete a simulated payment

    Testing a payment
  2. Head over to Hello Clever's PayID payment simulation website on our Test Bank

  3. Enter the designated PayID and click on 'Verify' button

    Testing a payment
  4. Enter the required amount to pay. Please ensure the amount you entered matches the requested amount.

    Testing a payment

    For best practices, please also ensure that you enter the same amount in real-world scenario when paying a product with PayID.

    Double check the field you entered and click on 'Pay now' button.

  5. If the amount you entered matched the requested amount, you will see a succesful payment screen on Hello Clever's Test Bank page

    Testing a payment
  6. You can also verify on the Demo store's website that the simulated payment is completed

    Testing a payment
*You may also try to do under/over pay for testing each edge case scenarios