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Will Hello Clever Work For Me?

Here is some things to look at before installing Hello Clever

Pricing Information

Please shoot us an email at [email protected]. to get to know us better!

Countries Supported

Currently we only supports Sellers listed in Australia. Stay tuned as we will grow bigger to other countries, specifically APAC region this year!

If you attempt to onboard as a Seller from an unsupported country, the onboarding process will terminate and you will receive a message thanking you for your interest (though Hello Clever will follow up at a later date once you are eligible to onboard as a Seller).

Languages Supported

At this time, we currently support English as our primary language. We are looking to support other languages as soon as possible!

Have a language that you would like to see? Email us at [email protected]!

Shipping Options

The shipping options presented to the customer are the shipping options you have enabled for your eCommerce platform and will be available to the customer during the checkout process's 5-minute batching window. During the 5-minute batching window, the buyer has the ability to update their shipping method. If no shipping method is selected, the default will be whichever option is least expensive to the customer.

Minimum Shipping Thresholds

We batch orders if a single customer places multiple orders within a 5-minute window, so the final order will include all purchases within that window. Your customer will receive 1 order confirmation that communicates the total cost of the finalized batch order purchase. Your shipping system will also receive 1 order, and can then determine appropriate shipping costs, packaging, and timelines as determined by your shipping system settings.

Minimum Processing Volume

We do not have a minimum processing volume.

Currencies Supported

We currently supports AUD currency.

Will Hello Clever Become My Payment Gateway?

Hello Clever can co-exist with your existing payment gateway or Hello Clever can be your exclusive payments solution.

How Will I Get Paid?

Hello Clever Checkout payments are paid instantly to your bank account. Once you have filled out your Business Details and Bank Details, you will receive payouts into your bank account for payments made on your store through Clever Checkout instantly.


For some banks, there will be a 24 hours security check of the payment amount exceeds a certain limit. However, we guarantee that the payment will arrive within 24 hours.