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What is Xero

Xero is an internet-based accounting platform that offers various features, one of which is the capability to generate invoices for payment. The generated invoices are transmitted to customers, who can then proceed to make payments using a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, direct debit, bpay, and soon-to-be-introduced PayID, which is powered by Hello Clever.

Xero + Hello Clever

With Hello Clever connected to your Xero account as a payment method, you can offer PayID transactions to your customers which will settles in real time 24/7.

Payment Velocity

All Hello Clever's PayID and PayTo transactions settle in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year. This improves your cash flow and makes it more likely that payment terms can be met as payments can be made and settled to you on weekends and public holidays if required.

No Exceptions

All Hello Clever transactions are pre-validated against the invoice prior to payment. If the payment does not meet the validation rules it’s immediately rejected, eliminating any exceptions and all costs associated with resolving and managing an otherwise manual process

Straight Through Reconciliation

Hello Clever transactions do not require the debtor to transcribe a reference number with a payment because the PayID itself is unique to the transaction. This means your accounts receivable team does not need to perform any reconciliation

Bank Portability

Hello Clever works independently of your bank, so you continue to operate even when you change your bank or bank account

Ease of Integration

Hello Clever integrates with most ERP and accounting systems including Xero. ERP integration via a batch invoice process is also available.

Automatic Updates

Hello Clever automatically updates the invoice in Xero to ‘paid’ once the payment is received.