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Add Payment Option

How can I add Hello Clever as a payment option at checkout?


Completing the below steps will enable and display Hello Clever as a Payment Method.

  1. Get started by clicking on the following link: Shopify Payment Gateway to see more details about Hello Clever Payment Gateway.

  1. Click on the 'Add app' button, you will be prompted to enter the app-id and secret-key.

    Please use the one generated from your Hello Clever's Merchant Dashboard

    Once logged in, Click "Activate" to activate Hello Clever on your store.

  1. Shopify will ask you to grant Hello Clever permission to process orders & refunds.

    Click on 'Install App' to proceed

  2. You will be asked to enter App ID and Secret Key on the form as shown below:

  1. The requested App ID and Secret Key can be obtained from your Hello Clever's dashboard on the Merchant Portal at

  1. Once App ID and Secret Key filled in, you will be redirected to your Shopify store configuration, click "Activate Hello Clever"

Hello Clever will appear on your store's checkout after everything is set up correctly.

  • Please note that each pair of AppID and Secret Key in the Hello Clever Portal can only be installed to a single Shopify store, so if you'd like to install Hello Clever on more than one stores, please make sure you'll create a new pair for each store.