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Manually create a payment request

Merchants can now create payment requests manually within the merchant dashboard. This means you can utilizes our payment gateway to request a payment to your customers without the need of integrating our plugin / application to your website.

Eligible payments only

You must only request payments you are legally entitled to under a commercial arrangement you have with your customer. Your payment initiations must also align with the terms of the Payment Agreement you have with that customer, e.g. your payment initiations must be no more than the maximum amount in the agreed amount, your payment types must correspond to the payment type specified in the Payment Agreement, your frequency of payments must be consistent with the frequency terms in the Payment Agreement, and other conditions.

If you do initiate an ineligible payment you may find the payment can be reversed at a later time. In general, since your customer has approved the Payment Agreement in their bank there are far fewer situations in which payments are reversed than in other similar payment methods such as Direct Debit or card payments.

  1. Log in to the Hello Clever dashboard at

  2. Go to the Site Management > Your Site > Payins > Click on the 'Request payment' button


  3. Fill in the required information on the payment request form


    Once done, click on the 'Create payment link'

  4. Your payment link has been created!

    Ensure you share the payment link to your customer. result-form

  5. The payment link for your customer will look like something below.