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How to Set up PayTo Agreement?

A guide on how to set up PayTo agreement

Received an email to authorise a payment agreement from Hello Clever?


PayTo agreement needs to be authorised before proceeding further. Please find video below on how to set up your PayTo agreement with the participating Australia major banks.

Authorising a Payment Agreement

Commonwealth Bank

Authorise PayTo agreement with Commonwealth on Desktop

Authorise PayTo agreement with Commonwealth on Mobile

Expired or Rejected Payment Agreements

What happened if the agreement is expired or accidentally gets rejected?


When the agreement has expired, you will received a notification screen on our gateway saying the agreement has been unauthorised.

Please follow the steps below to re-enable the payment agreement:

  1. Navigate back to the first screen of Hello Clever Gateway


  1. Choose PayTo as payment option


  1. You should be able to see an instruction screen on how to authorise the payment agreement followed by instruction email from Hello Clever


  1. Log on to your bank to review and authorise the PayTo agreement


  1. Once the agreement is authorised you should be able to use PayTo right away