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How Hello Clever Works?

Our Missions​

Hello Clever is revolutionising the way people shop and earn. Introducing BUY to EARN, allowing shoppers to shop through their favourite stores and receive INSTANT cashback. You read that right! Like who loves waiting? Increase your customer satisfaction by offering them instant cashback. The Hello Clever gateway is also saving merchants an astonishing amount of money with our low fees, receive money instantly with no chargebacks and zero reconciliation. Happy Days! Give Hello Clever a crack, be Clever πŸ˜‰

For Sellers​

  1. Get funds settled instantly with all Hello Clever orders.
  2. Unlock a new customer segment of over 10 million people who actively use PayID.
  3. Increase revenue and build your customer base by opting in for our cashback rewards program.
  4. Improve traffics to your stores by participating to Hello Clever Marketing Campaign

For Shoppers​

  1. Fast signup; Customers select Hello Clever at checkout and fill out a few details to get an instant approval decision.
  2. Receive rewarding cashbacks everytime you checkout with us.

Our Payment Methods​


What is PayID?​

PayID helps us to send quick and easy payments in real time

  • PayID is a memorable piece of information such as your mobile number or email address, that you can link to your bank account to receive payments
  • Once linked, you can simply provide your PayID for payments instead of handing out your BSB and account number
  • If you need to pay someone who has registered for PayID, you’ll only need their PayID to transfer money directly into their bank account


What is PayTo?​

PayTo is an easy way to authorise and control payments from your bank account. PayTo can be used in several ways. A couple of examples are; a digital alternative to direct debit, and allowing you to pay directly from your bank account where you previously needed a card (like for in-app purchases and online shopping).

PayTo for Businesses​

1. Real-time account validation​

When a PayTo agreement is created, the account is validated in real-time, reducing errors and exception processing

2. Real-time funds verification​

At the time a payment is initiated, available funds are verified to ensure the payment can be made and rejects and manual handling avoided

3. Easy reconciliation​

PayTo agreements contain additional information and data to support easy matching and reconciliation

4. Supported by APIs​

Working with your financial institution or payment service provider, PayTo can be supported by APIs to deliver a seamless process

5. Notifications at each stage of a payment​

Notifications when an agreement is paused, changed or cancelled will help your business maintain customer relationships

PayTo for consumers​

1. Easy set up​

Set up a PayTo agreement easily with your PayID (or BSB and account number), then approve the agreement in your internet or mobile banking app

2. Manage PayTo agreements​

PayTo gives you control over your payment agreements, you can view and manage them in your internet or mobile banking app

3. More choice over how you pay​

PayTo allows you to use your bank account directly for payments that previously needed a card. No need to remember card details and expiry dates

Credit Cards​

With the latest updates, Hello Clever accepts can also accept most of card payment types.

Here is the list of the most popular available card payment types on our gateway:

  1. American Express
  2. China UnionPay (CUP)
  3. Discover & Diners
  4. Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)
  5. Mastercard
  6. Visa

In most circumstances, relevant banks will void a pre-authorisation transaction within a few hours of the pre-authorisation transaction being conducted by Hello Clever. However, in some observed instances, banks have taken up to fourteen (14) days to finalise this process. Unfortunately, we do not have any control or influence over the timing of your bank’s ability to finalise this process and Hello Clever does not guarantee the time it takes for your bank to finalise the process and make your funds available to you.

Interested in learning more? Please read the detailed guideline about PayID and PayTo here