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Introduction to Tracking

What is Hello Clever's Tracking Feature?

Benefits of Hello Clever's Tracking feature

Hello Clever's tracking is a unique feature you can implement on your e-commerce store to gain insights into your customers' needs and desires. This interesting feature allows you to find prospective customers faster and helps improve the effectiveness of your site.

Key Benefits of Hello Clever Tracking

We offers three main events which you can see from Hello Clever's Merchant Dashboard once this feature has been implemented in your e-commerce site:

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  1. Clicks - to help identify which products have most or less views from your store's visitors.
  2. Conversion - this feature helps measure what happens after customers visited your product's page.
  3. Conversion Rates - this feature helps determine the percentage of the conversion in your site.

if you need any assistance during set up please send an email to [email protected] and our team will be more than happy to assist you.